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My work is inspired by daily routine and domestic objects. Through my art practice, I explore how these ordinary moments and objects can be deconstructed  and re-assembled to highlight their significance in influencing how I interact with the world.

As I investigate my own experiences with the domestic, a focal point of my current ceramics work has come to center around the permanence and instability of memory. In the digital age it is incredibly easy for people to record and document every moment, no longer having to rely on memory to recall people, places, and events. Now even the little things can be fossilized. With this new abundance of information and digitized memory available, the physical experience is left floating in limbo as it is no longer tethered to specific conditions. 

By using a process based in craft, I can ground those memorable experiences into physical objects. As I create monuments to these memories, I find myself looking to develop a visual language of icons and symbols to record my experiences. I’m drawn to repetition of specific words and images in ways that creates different patterns and stories among the same objects. When the repetition begins to have slight variations, those little differences become monumental. Those significant changes invite confrontation of these experiences, allowing for personal reflection on what I am leaving behind as an impression on the world just like how it has left impressions on me. 

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